Transform Your Body with Tavala’s Transformation Products

Tavala Transformation BoxDevin and I had been taking products from Tavala – ViiVa for about a year or so, and it helped us lose a few pounds and gave us great energy and focus.  Then this Transformation Challenge came up at the end of January and so I thought…I wonder what would happen if we really tried to take this to another level?  Tavala – ViiVa had just come out with their protein shake, so we added that into our regimen along with going back to working out.  Devin got serious right away (which is why he is much further along than I am), it took me maybe until the beginning of March to really jump on board and be disciplined about working out.  It’s been less than two months for me, and I really can’t believe the huge difference already.  I wish I had started earlier!  What’s really great is that the Tavala – ViiVa Trim works as a thermogenic and as a pre-workout…and it is an amazing appetite suppressant too.  I haven’t been really strict on my diet as I would like to be, but not being hungry all the time really helps to make better food choices.  The Tavala – ViiVa Protein Shake is perfect after workout…I just take one scoop which is about 15g protein, but Devin needs more protein since he’s trying to build muscle a lot more aggressively.  Tavala – ViiVa Control is perfect for leveling out my blood sugar, and keeps me from storing that extra sugar as fat.  It has helped a lot of people on our team get off their weight loss plateau, and more than a few have had big improvements in their blood sugar test results.

Eight years ago I used to eat super clean and worked out in the gym twice a day…and I have to say that I look about the same…without the struggle 🙂  Trying to put my limits, I plan on getting a little stricter the new few months…just to see what happens.  Stay tuned!

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