Tavala – ViiVa Trim for Pre-Workout and Fat Burning

Devin started out at 140 lbs (left) then dropped to around 128-130. Like many people who lose a lot of weight quickly with Tavala – ViiVa, he thought “ok, what now?” Losing more weight wasn’t really the answer, but he wasn’t completely happy with his body shape. He was what they call “skinny fat.” He kept using Tavala Trim for energy and as a pre-workout, and started lifting weights 4-5x a week. The Tavala – ViiVa Trim helped burn off excess fat and he added the Tavala protein shake to help build muscle. The result is the pic on the right. Although he’s still working on it, he’s happy with what Tavala – ViiVa and hard work have done so far.

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