Tavala Trim – For Our Loved Ones


healthy seniors

One of the main reasons Devin even considered joining a direct marketing company is because he knew, from past experience with his dad, that these companies always had the best products for health.  After his dad had passed suddenly, his mom’s health started declining, and he wanted to do anything possible to keep her healthy.  He did find some products that helped, but were still unable to help her achieve her dream, which was to get off meds.  We all want our parents and grandparents to be around as long as possible…but healthy, not bed-ridden.  It really warms my heart to watch my friends play with their GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN and knowing that they may be around to see their great-great-grandchildren?  Who wouldn’t want that?


Normally, Devin is the speaker, and I am the writer.  But when he does write, it always comes from the heart.  So I wanted to share a post that he had written right when we had started Tavala.

“Many of you know I’m taking and promoting Tavala. Many of you know that it’s for weight loss, boosts your metabolism and gives energy. Many of you know how much my mom means to me. Many don’t know that I promised my dad on his last breath on Earth that I would take care of mom and he can go in peace. I’ve been searching endlessly for something to do more than stabilize my mom’s health. I’ve found many great things thru the years, but she’s always just been “stable.”  Well…I want more. She deserves that. We all do. Without making any medical claims but sticking to only facts, she was on the Tavala Trim for 2 weeks and then took a blood test. She got her results 2 weeks later. Her blood pressure had gone down, her cholesterol had gone down, her sugar had gone down and…she lost 6 lbs!!!  Something that has never happened like this!!  Again, not a medical claim but Tavala Trim is the only thing she did differently in her daily routine. Since then, I have her on Tavala Trim, Tavala Control, Brü and the Quantum Relief Strips. I thank God for Tavala. I thank God that I can share it with people I love and care about. I thank God that my mom is healthier. I thank God as my dad is smiling down upon us… and if anyone, anyone…wants a sample of this, all you gotta do is ask. I’ll be more than happy to send it to you or meet you.”

Update:  Since that post, Devin’s mom’s doctor said she could get off ALL her medication, with proper monitoring.  She has also lost 20 lbs. and that was always an impossible dream for her as she has always dealt with a thyroid condition.

It’s really never too late to make a change to better your health.  It’s such a cliché but so true–if you don’t take care of yourself for you, do it for the ones that care about you.  As Devin said, if you’d like to get more information or try a sample, please just ask.