Last 5 Pounds!

I know a lot of you are like me, yo-yo weight gain and then lose it, up and down, up and down, but never quite losing those last 5 lbs! So here I am again, and while I don’t have that same motivation to lose weight as before, as it’s coming down to pre-holiday season, I’m kinda thinking it would be nice to try burning these last few pounds of fat and getting a new dress for New Year’s!

I found this interesting article on the last 5 lbs, you might want to check it out:

The other reason I wanna do it now is for that sense of accomplishment, and to show that Tavala Trim works for everyone and their different needs. I make myself a guinea pig a lot of times so that I can help others who have the same challenges as I do. I am super sensitive to caffeine but found a way that I can take Tavala Trim and now it’s become my happy pill!

What is Tavala Trim?

What is Tavala Trim?

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