Tavala – ViiVa Trim for Pre-Workout and Fat Burning

Devin started out at 140 lbs (left) then dropped to around 128-130. Like many people who lose a lot of weight quickly with Tavala – ViiVa, he thought “ok, what now?” Losing more weight wasn’t really the answer, but he wasn’t completely happy with his body shape. He was what they call “skinny fat.” He kept using Tavala Trim for energy and as a pre-workout, and started lifting weights 4-5x a week. The Tavala – ViiVa Trim helped burn off excess fat and he added the Tavala protein shake to help build muscle. The result is the pic on the right. Although he’s still working on it, he’s happy with what Tavala – ViiVa and hard work have done so far.

Tavala Trim – Blast Your Belly Fat!

Tavala Trim - Feeing the BulgeOh yes, it’s the dreaded belly fat blog!  I want to go back about four months and tell you guys how I got started on Tavala Trim.  Now I’m gonna say “belly fat” for the most part.  Guys will also say “spare tire” or “love handles.”  Or for us girls, we’ll call it “muffin top”.  Oh, but since I prefer cupcakes, I’m gonna call mine “cupcake top”.  But whatever pet name we call the darn thing, it is what it is…belly fat!  And for a lot of people out there, it’s the toughest fat to lose.  Now I’m not diet and nutrition expert, nor am I a fitness trainer, but I am a scientist when it comes to my own body, and maybe some of you can relate.

Tavala Trim - Amazing Fat Burner

When I was growing up, I never had any problems with belly fat.  It was always the last place on my body to gain weight.  But after my 40’s and now in my 50’s and heading toward menopause, I find that it is now the first place I gain and once it’s there, it doesn’t want to leave!  I’ve read that it’s because of our lower estrogen levels, instead of storing the fat on our hips and thighs, it wants to store on our tummy.  Thanks hormones!


The next thing that has affected my ability to lose belly fat is a lower metabolic rate.  In order to keep my metabolism up, I had to work out like crazy!  Many of you have seen what we used to do…kids that were in their 20’s and 30’s were almost passing out and there we were, the AARP generation, going for it!  Now that was fun and all, but it was really tough to maintain the 3-4x a week high intensity workouts because my schedule just got so busy while building our business, plus I had all kinds of injuries and let’s face it, even though I could do the workouts, my older body needed more recovery time than it was getting.  So while I was working out a lot for those couple years, I got spoiled with being able to eat 1800-2500 cals and still maintain.  Try eating like that for a couple months and not work out!  It wasn’t just the amount, it was the kind of food…soda, fast food, sugar, ice cream…and yes, cupcakes!  And where did those cupcakes go?  To the cupcake top of course!

Next LevelThat went on for maybe 3 months, and that was enough.  I knew what I needed to do but because I was so busy and had no time to workout anymore, and no energy from all the horrible food I was eating, I sing in a band, and often there are people with cameras on us, and later on I would look at the pics with my cupcake top hanging out in all its glory (that’s me on the left).  This did not please me.  lol.  We had been in Tavala for 4 months and Devin was drinking it, but since I was super sensitive to caffeine, I could drink the Tavala Trim.  Then…Manel, the other girl who sings with us, went on vacation to San Diego for a couple weeks.  She had also been drinking Tavala Trim for maybe a month or so.  When she came back…BOOM!  She had lost 10 lbs!  Just like that!  I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was like she got a scissors and chopped off part of her body.  At that point, I decided, I was going to figure a way to get over that caffeine sensitivity so I could drink this thing!

Long story short, I started drinking Tavala Trim in June, just 1/2 packet or less a day, and I lost a big Next Levelslice of that cupcake, plus it makes me feel like I took a happy pill!  I still have a ways to go, especially with a lot of factors against me, but it just feels so great to be able to fit into my pants without cutting off my circulation or having to hold my breath in while buttoning my jeans (btw this is a pic from our gig 2 months after I started with Tavala Trim, and Manel is on the right, looking all svelte).  What makes Tavala work so well is that it combines a fat burner with ingredients that increase your metabolism, curb your appetite, increase your energy and focus, and improve your mood.  Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true weight loss product?

It’s not only middle-aged women that are benefitting from Tavala Trim, but here is a pic of my friend’s son.  Tavala Trim helped him get rid of his belly fat in a little over a month, I think.  Guys just seem to lose it faster (not fair), plus he’s young 🙂
Tavala Trim - Kyle Before and After

Tavala Trim in glass

In another blog later, I will go more into detail on how I am working toward losing the last of this belly fat.  I wanted to cover it here but I didn’t realize I wrote so long already!  But if you want more information on Tavala Trim (including how you get a free sample) you can click any of the links that say “Tavala Trim” and if you want to know more about the business and other great products you can CLICK HERE.


Until next time, I hope you all have an amazing week!

Weight Loss Success Stories with Tavala – ViiVa Trim!

Since we heard about Tavala – ViiVa Trim back in around February, we have had many of our friends and family try it, and a lot of them have gotten amazing results! It’s difficult because so many of us have been through so many diet programs and products…do we really want to spend the money and get our hopes up again? Luckily, many of these people said “YES!” and have gotten these great results in a relatively short amount of time. Not only is it really easy…no special diet, just one berry-flavored drink or capsule per day…but because it was developed by an expert formulator, there is something about the blend of ingredients that just works! Tavala – ViiVa Trim is hands down the best weight loss product out there today. Tavala – ViiVa Trim is a metabolism booster, fat burner, appetite suppressant, and gives you energy that lasts with no jitters and no crash. Watch the video to see how Tavala – ViiVa Trim is transforming lives! And then enter your name and mailing address below for a FREE SAMPLE!